Where you tie into all of this is the fact that you kept me going and looking forward to all of your fantastic items. I would sip soup broths with your herbs and Himalayan pink salt for nutrition. I lived on pudding and your spices and teas. Without your products and detoxifying items, I feel I'd be worse off. I don't know that I would've made it. A big thank you to you again. Your Friend, Dana


My Hair Model - Jesse the Native American Doctor from MI who has been using a collection of Rosemary hair shampoo bars, frank, mint and rosemary shampoo bars, rosemary oil, and other hair treatments.This wonderful Gent swears his hair has grown and become much healthier from the usage. Jesse will be adding his own words very soon. Thank you Jesse you are a true joy!

Doctor Jesse Whitehorse

" I am so grateful to Amber's Organics! I did a bicycle trip from San Antonio to Oklahoma in 2015, and ever since my knees were not the same. They ached so bad that I had to resort to wearing knee braces on both knees. I read about the curing effects of the reishi mushroom and I decided to give it a shot. After further research I found Amber's Organics. I am now able to run 2 miles a day with no knee braces. Amber is so wonderful and courteous each time I see her!" Bob Ram.

Bob Ram.


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